All Kids, and Yes Adults too!!! We're having a contest for the coolest "Winter" themed diorama/shadow box. It has to be the typical shoe box size, no lid, and use your imagination for "Winter". We will be displaying them in our front window and walls for the month of December. Winner will be announced on December 18th at our Handmade Christmas Party from 5-8PM. Winner will receive a $50 Gift Certificate for the store/classes, and a Tote Bag full of handmade goodies from the shop! Second and Third prize will receive a $10 Gift Certificate for the store/classes. All entries must be dropped off to Signature 81, 13 College St, Clinton NY no later than 8PM on Saturday December 5th. Your Name, Age, and Email must be on the bottom or back of the box. They will be available to pick back up from January 1st-31st. Any not picked up by January 31st will be donated.

If you don't have items at home, we're having a class to help you create one

Signature 81